Friday, 29 September 2017

Academy of Pastry arts Blogs_ Cake-The object of our affection

Cakes were and will always be the ‘in’ thing every season. The concept of cakes were first brought to India by the British. And it was one of the few good things they presented and bestowed India with. In fact it was a delicious present, and like all good things in life it became a part of parcel of our lives, the lives of average Indian household. 
Cakes have come from the viking word ‘kaka’. In earlier times cakes were made by mixing butter,nuts, and honey to bread. With the passage of time as men gained more control over heat, cake making became simpler and  cakes became more sophisticated in nature. Cakes have always been associated with the good events of life. May it be a birthday celebration or a wedding or a mere official or family function,cakes are the object of our admiration and affection.

Unlike the previous times now there are many professional cake making institutes such as institute of cake art and baking Bangalore, where one can learn cake making according to latest trends. These cake making and baking institutes are visited by chefs of national and international repute who are a master in their craft and know the latest technique in cake making.
These cake making institutes offer various courses where the audience learn the trend in cake making by complete hands on training. The professional cake making course in Mumbai ,for instance acquaints the enrollees with the latest trend in vogue with the art of pastry and cake making. The students can choose from long time,part time and various other courses.

Cakes can be called as one of those sweet things in life which bring respite to otherwise monotonous and rigorous life of ours. It would not be wrong to say that cakes are indeed the delicious part of life….. the object of our affection !       

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