Friday, 22 September 2017

Academy of Pastry Arts Blogs_A cake of beauty is joy forever !

They say the best things come in small parcels. And this saying holds perfect for cakes. Perhaps, there is nothing more cute than petite looking cakes. Cakes are these marvellous creations and nowadays, are available in various textures, flavours, and shapes. Cakes come in all size and shapes -big, small, medium etc. Right from a dancing couple, to an Eiffel tower, to small heart shape cakes,.... There is no end to the different ideas that can be put in creating this delicious heavenly desserts.
The custom of cake cutting was brought to India, by the British. Earlier sweets were the dessert that people preferred in most social event. However, soon cakes came in vogue and used as a complementary to cakes.

In the present times there are various cooking degree courses in India which give training in the art of cake making. These cake making institutes use the latest state of the art technology in teaching the latest trend in cake making. The technique of cake making has come a long way from those pre-biblical times when cake was made by mixing honey, butter, and nuts to bread.

Fastforwarding to the modern times there are many bread making making classes in Mumbai, for instance, which are excellent places to teach baking to the people. Institutes like these are best places to teach the art of cake making to novices. These cake making institutes are often visited by chefs of national and international repute who are a master in the craft of cake making.

There are many cake decorating classes in Hyderabad, which are an example of how cake making institutes are becoming popular in every nook and corner of the country. This only goes on to show that cake and pastry making classes are gaining ground in India.
Academy of Pastry Arts is another institute which is worth mentioning and has all the qualities of a good cake making institute. And also, it specialises in giving lessons in creating petite looking cakes , of my favourites.

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